– Graduate Research Assistant, KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2017-Present
Conducting Research on water reuse and LCA in Buildings along with sustainable construction using Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Supervisor: Dr. Afshin Khoshand

– Academic Manager of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) KNTU Branch, Iran, Jun 2016-Present

– Teaching Assistant (Landfill Design course), KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Feb 2019-Jul 2019

– Teaching Assistant (Solid Waste Management course), KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2018-Jan 2019

– Lecturer of “Introduction to GIS and its application in Civil Engineering” workshop, KNTU, Iran, May 2018

– Civil Engineering Intern, The Reinforced Earth of Iran Company, Tehran, Iran, Jun 2017-Sep 2017

Leadership Experiences and Extra-Curricular Activities

– Coordinator of Seminar titled: “Water Reuse for Domestic Potable Use in Iran: Benefits and Challenges” speech of Dr. Masoud Kayhanian from University of California Davis, held at KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Nov 2017

Coordinator of Seminar titled: “Resilient and Regenerative Water Systems and Water-Sensitive Urban Planning” speech of Dr. Mazdak Arabi from Colorado State University, held at KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Jul 2017

– Member of coordination committee of 1st International Conference on Climate Change, Tehran, Iran, Mar 2017

– Coordinator of Seminar titled: “The Role of human interactions and climate change on water existence” speech of Dr. Amir AghaKouchak from University of California- Irvine, held at KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Dec 2016

– Coordinator of Joint Workshop on Science & Research Opportunities by Erasmus+ foundation, Middle-East Chapter, KNTU, Iran, Nov 2016

– President of Civil Engineering Scientific Association at KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Dec 2015- Mar 2016

– Chief organizer of 5th National Spaghetti Bridge Competition, KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Apr 2016

– Chief organizer of 4th Green National Carton Chair Competition, KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Mar 2015

– Member of coordination committee of 3rd International Symposium on Environmental & Water Resource Engineering, KNTU, Tehran, Iran, Jun 2015

– Coordinator of 1st National Seismic Design Competition in Iran – Held by Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) and K. N. Toosi, May 2014